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A company specialized in embedded Linux, dedicated to excellence in every project. From conception to implementation, we tackle challenges with determination and innovation.

At the forefront of technological innovation, we are a team passionate about transforming ideas into reality. Specializing in ESP32 microcontrollers, as well as software development for IoT applications, we also provide artificial intelligence solutions to further boost your projects. We offer a complete journey of customized solutions, from conception to implementation. Connect with us today and discover how we can make your next idea stand out in the digital world!

Vending machine

We are specialists in MDB, DEX, and DDCMP protocols. 🛠️ If you are looking for integration, efficiency, and innovation for your vending machine business, we are here to help!

M2M Protocols

Our work in embedded systems is characterized by dedication and perseverance. From conception to implementation, we strive for excellence at every stage.

Embedded Linux

Unlocking the Potential of Microcontrollers with Linux! 🚀 Discover how our experts can propel your embedded systems projects.

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